Wednesday 22 March 2023 10:00


Singer-songwriter Douwe Bob will join Utrecht’s Blue Grass Boogiemen for a one-off concert, especially for the Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival.

In addition to Douwe Bob & Blue Grass Boogiemen, the provisional line up includes:

Theo Lawrence (FR)
Hassan Wargui & Aaron Jonah Lewis (MA/US)
Teilhard Frost (CA)
Strengeplukk (NO)
The Ragtime Rumours (NL)
Herman Brock Jr. (NL)
The Wanton String Band (UK)
Long Way Home Duo (NL)

Festival Passes are on sale NOW: all 3 days for just € 25! Day passes will be made available in April.

Dutch singer Douwe Bob:

I’m totally mad about bluegrass and I’ve been wanting to do a live set of just bluegrass songs for a long time,’ says the singer enthusiastically. ‘So when I was asked to do a show with the Blue Grass Boogiemen I didn’t have to think about it very long. I’m really looking forward to playing with them. They’re absolutely some of the best in the genre, so this is going to be really great!

The Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival lineup consists of – in alphabetical order:

Abe Partridge (US), Austin & Courtney DerryBerry (US), Baptiste W. Hamon (FR), Bella White (CA), The Complete Recordings of Hezekiah Procter (CA), Della Mae (US), Douwe Bob & Blue Grass Boogiemen (NL), Fog Holler (US), Hassan Wargui & Aaron Jonah Lewis (MA/US), Herman Brock Jr. (NL), Long Way Home Duo (NL), Madalitso Band (MW), Michael Daves & Jacob Jolliff (US), Moonshine Wagon (ES), The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band (US), The Ragtime Rumours (NL), Rosine Bluegrass Family (NL), Scott H. Biram (US), Strengeplukk (NO), Teilhard Frost (CA), Theo Lawrence (FR), The Truffle Valley Boys (IT) and The Wanton String Band (UK).

More names will be announced next month!