Fringe Program

Kinderen en theater

Kinderen en theater

Children and theater

While it is almost impossible to imagine, if you have had just about enough of music, you can take a look around the children's area or the theater stage on the Noordplein. Extraordinary spots where interaction between makers and audience is encouraged and appreciated.

On top of that, you'll find acts like Rotterdam belly dancer Soraya Sultan, magician Olivier Quist and Papa Leba, voodoo artist from the Old North on the Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival!

Cosmo & Bobje's Zwijnenstal

At Cosmo & Bobje's Zwijnenstal you never really know what is in store for you, but the Cosmo and Bobje's Flatfoot & Buckdance Contest has really become a classic at the festival by now. In addition, you can expect things like an Oldtime Knockdown Dolls Challenge, a Murder Ballad Puppet Show full of incredible musical surprises, perhaps the Ceremonial Medicine Show with Dr. Humper and who knows what else? Needless to say, a perfectly organized mess again!
For children from 12 years and adults

Papa Leba

Papa Leba is once again descending on the Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival. Right on the spot, he'll put together a mumbo-jumbo orchestra with kids who will provide his swampy blues tunes with a nice rattling accompaniment on homemade junkyard instruments. And Papa Leba is mobile! He walks around the festival with a cart, popping up wherever he can throw down a Mumbo Jumbo Jam! The cart is loaded with pots, pans, buckets, crates and tubs, plus equipment to amplify vocals and cigarbox guitar. Papa Leba's Mumbo Jumbo Jam also uses elements of Papa Leba's Palmistry Chit Chat and Papa Leba's Freaky Deaky Voodoo Circus.
For children aged 6-13

Glory HQ Fortune teller

Venture into the world of Glory HQ and have your future foretold through the ancient art of playing cards. An ordinary deck of playing cards contains far more stories than you could ever imagine. Discover the hidden symbolism and meanings of different cards and find out what they hold for you. Questions about love, happiness, work, problems, past, present, or future? It's all in the cards! You can also have yourself immortalized as the Louvin brothers at the Head-In-The-Hole photo board!
For adults

Olivier Quist Magician

By now, the Rotterdam magician Olivier Quist is a well-known figure in every corner of the country. With a large trunk full of magic tricks, he has already given hundreds of performances at schools, homes for the elderly, street parties, playgrounds, squares, festivals, and so on. Tried and tested through his many shows, he feels more at home on stage than in his own bed, but his performances at no point become routine. This man has a gift for bringing everything he does to the limelight in such a way that it seems as if it is sheer coincidence when one of his tricks is working.
For children from 6 years and adults


What does a house for a musician look like? Does it have a roll-out stage, or is it shaped like a favorite instrument? Or is it a place where the musician can quietly write new songs? Perhaps it's a mobile home that can be taken from one festival to another. At Archiklas, children can imagine themselves as musicians, create a design, and then turn it into a model. Will you join us?
For children aged 6-13

Imara’s Boetseer Toko

At Imara's Boetseer Toko, we, and anyone who wants to join, will create a forest full of happy, creepy, funny, silly, beautiful, naughty, magical, friendly ... forest spirits! You'll discover that forest spirits can be found everywhere, even in the middle of the city, at the Noordplein, and during the Bluegrass Festival they will surely show their little faces. Imara and her team of "Super Happy Clay Crafters" will be ready to help you sculpt your own creations for the Great Forest Spirits Forest on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon!
For children aged 6-14

Maaktuin De Stu

The Stu Maaktuin is a place at the festival where visitors can go to create for themselves. With cardboard, hot glue and paint, we will create the most beautiful place on earth in the roof garden. Visitors enter this creative garden through a blue door. Anything can be created in this garden, you can let your imagination run wild. What we will make remains an open question, but it is an interactive installation that grows in a day. The Stu cargo bike will serve as a materials library. With everything you need to make ... a swing, a bench, the prettiest house on the street or a cute dog.
For children and adults

Soraya Sultan

Belly dancing and bluegrass are not only wonderfully alliterative but also perfectly compatible, as the Rotterdam-based Soraya Sultan demonstrates. During the previous edition of the festival, Soraya was the big bright star at the Oldtime Oriental Belly and Buckdance Contest, so naturally this year she was bound to get her own spot at the festival to initiate people young and old into the secrets of Oriental Dance & Belly Dance!
For children aged 6-13

West Givner - Gamers Of The West

Equipped with their sketchbook and drawing box, these artists minds will create something beautiful for you on the spot for a small fee. You can also get their book, postcards, key chains, stickers and other items from them. You could even improve your drawing skills! Between performances at the festival, as well as at the art school in Rotterdam, you can take drawing classes.
For children from 11 years and adults

DJ Wim Behre

The unrivaled finest turntable performer in the Netherlands: with roots in The Hague and branches in Texas and around the world. “He spins true country tracks with the grizzled expression of an experienced cowboy”, according to Kyle Patrick. Talking about a striking description! Music that makes you feel like you're in an American pickup truck on the endless Interstate. Wim Behre is not responsible for tears on the jukebox, injuries or hangovers, so be warned!