Instrument maker Arie van Spronssen has made an F5 mandolin, the "classic" Bill Monroe bluegrass mandolin from the beginning of the last century. We can auction this mandolin from Arie. The instrument was built by hand from start to finish by Arie. And the proceeds will go to the Bluegrass Festival!

Four rules

  • The starting amount is 900 euros.
  • You must be present in person, at the live auction on Saturday 22 June at 7.30 pm, or send someone else who can bid, pay on your behalf, and receive the mandolin.
  • The three bidders who make the highest advance bid by e-mail will receive a VIP invitation to the festival on Friday evening, so they can be present at the auction.
  • Take your passport or a valid proof of identity with you.

Make an offer in advance:

  • Until Friday, June 21, 16:00 CET, by email, to, stating your bid, your name and your mobile number.
  • From Friday June 21, 4:00 PM CET to Saturday June 22, 6:00 PM CET at the merchandise / info booth at the festival. You can also admire the mandolin there.


The live auction

The final auction is on Saturday 22 June at 19.20 CET at The Stable at the Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival

Payment and delivery

  • Payment is on the spot on the stage.
  • Try to pay the entire amount in one go. Then you will immediately get the mandolin!
  • If you are unable to pay in one go, you must make a deposit equal to the starting amount. You will not receive the mandolin until you have paid the full amount.

Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival
Oude Noorden, Rotterdam

So support the festival with a generous offer, and make yourself happy with this real bluegrass mandolin!